Meaningfully Engage Your Customers and Promote Your Programs

Why digital badges?

Engaged customers love to share their badges across all of their social networks, which leads to exponential viral exposure of all of your programs. Allow your customers to promote your program on social media to their friends and neighbors with a single click!

A digital badge is more than a visual image or logo. Rather, it is a dynamic icon that is embedded with metadata detailing the nature of the individual's participation/achievement and provides links to how people viewing the badge might also get involved.

Viral marketing of program via customers' social sharing

Drive further engagement

Provide a call to action

No customer log-in required

Analytics on clicks and shares

Can be tied to other incentive programs

Customer engagement programs

Today, utilities offer a wide variety of energy efficiency and other programs, but often customers are not aware of them, or know how to get involved.

Badges are an exciting and cost-effective way to engage, educate and recognize customers all while nudging others to get involved.

Use badges to reward customers for participating in such programs as:

Solar Energy/Renewables

Green Business initiatives

Residential & C&I Energy Assessments

Peak-time savings and Load Curtailment

Customer and Employee Education

Rebates for appliances, smart thermostats and high efficiency equipment

BadgeCert features provide a customized user experience

The BadgeCert module creates a seamless workflow for engagement with numerous social and text and email sharing options. This encourages active engagement and provides public recognition to promote the utility's programs and marketing initiatives.

Authoring tool to create animated digital badges and landing pages

Easy, frictionless workflows for issuing and sharing badges across digital platforms

Integration with social media tools

Customer social preferences and templates

Program triggers and rules to issue digital badges

Customer recognition and viral marketing

When a customer installs solar panels, they will receive a verified digital badge from your utility congratulating them on being part of such an important initiative. They are proud that they have contributed to their city's energy efficiency program and are very eager to want to share their contribution with others in their community.

They can do so quickly by displaying their badge on their Facebook page, Tweeting about their new highly efficient home, and sharing a picture of their solar panels and verified energy saver solar panel badge on Instragram. A business can also share their badge on their LinkedIn page and company home webpage highlighting their commitment to energy savings.

As your customers share their badges across social media, thus virally marketing your program, other potential customers will see these badges, click on them, and learn how they too can sign-up to become an energy saver.

Customer participates in program

Badge gets issued to customer via email or SMS

Customer posts/tweets badge to all social media channels

Friends click badge to learn more and enroll

Utility has access to data on badge shares and clicks that illustrate engagement and inform marketing decisions

Other use cases

A customer is awarded a digital badge via Twitter for achieving energy savings and retweets and likes the badge. Clicking the badge takes others to the program page.

A customer shares a picture with the utility of equipment damage and receives a “Good Neighbor” badge via Facebook that is shared.

A commercial customer receives a LinkedIn “Green Office” badge for energy savings. The badge is liked across social media.

A utility employee is publicly acknowledged for completing training and promotes their accomplishment on social media.

Analytics engine

How successful is your utility savings program? How many new customers have your reached? No more guessing with BadgeCert's analytics dashboard.

Our proprietary reporting and analytics tool provides organizations with 24/7 real-time data such as badge sharing, badge clicks and overall earner usage.

Overarching trends

Actual engagement

Detailed breakdown per social network and channel

API access

Organizations have full access to BadgeCert API's, allowing your CRM or other enterprise systems to make calls that create, issue and update badges, manage rosters, update settings and many other functions.

Achieve all your goals with BadgeCert

Use a common currency (badges) to recognize stakeholders across your industry ecosystem

Encourage stakeholders to update their skills and competencies through expiration workflows (alerts, revocation, renewal)

Designate CEU’s

Reduce costs of creating paper certificates, labor and mailing

Create stackable micro- credentialing programs with leveling capabilities

Seamless API’s with any assessment provider, CRM, AMS and LMS tool

Market your programs through stakeholder sharing

Mitigate risk of fraudulent credentials

Success Stories

Adrienne Segundo, COO

Denise Roosendaal, Executive Director
Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE)

Katie Gottwaldt, Director of Certification
American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA)

Tawny Stottlemire, Director, CCAP & Pathways Expansion
The National Community Action Partnership

Ruben Garcia, CEO


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