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Reduce costs, market programs and recognize hard-earned credentials with meaningful, secure and portable digital badges.




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Promote programs and design learner pathways and micro-credentials while increasing student engagement.

Course completion


Event attendance


Reward student achievement, demonstrated competencies and participation in certificate programs.

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Degree completion


Recognize skills and awards, and search across your employee network for specific competencies and credentials.

Skills & Competencies





Show your appreciation for participation in programs and generous donations with a sharable digital badge.

Event attendance



Board participation

Achieve all your goals with BadgeCert

Use a common currency (badges) to recognize stakeholders across your industry ecosystem

Encourage stakeholders to update their skills and competencies through expiration workflows (alerts, revocation, renewal)

Designate CEU’s

Reduce costs of creating paper certificates, labor and mailing

Create stackable micro- credentialing programs with leveling capabilities

Seamless API’s with any assessment provider, CRM, AMS and LMS tool

Market your programs through stakeholder sharing

Mitigate risk of fraudulent credentials

Success Stories

"At SMEI we use BadgeCert to recognize individuals who have achieved their professional sales and marketing certification. BadgeCert makes it easy for us to manage our credentials and for certified individuals to share and validate their designation."

Willis Turner, President and CEO

"BadgeCert provided RESNET just the service we needed to offer a professional digital badge to our certified raters. They helped us set things up easily and made adjustments to fit our customers’ preferences for a printable certificate. Great customer service!"

Valerie Briggs, Communications Director

"The American Board of Certification for Gastroenterology Nurses (ABCGN) launched digital badging through BadgeCert in 2018 as a way to promote and engage our stakeholders on the value of their certification. BadgeCert has been a great partner in providing our stakeholders the opportunity to share and market their certification digitally on their social media and email signatures."

Heather Rich, Executive Director


Technology and Professional Assessment

Technology and Professional Assessment

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How to Get Started with Digital Badges and Micro-credentials

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Blog: Digital badges

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Modernizing Education

Modernizing Education

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BadgeCert Live Demo + Q&A | May 5 | 3:00-3:20pm ET

Join us for a 20-min virtual hangout where you can ask your questions about digital badging and micro-credentialing, and quickly learn what BadgeCert does, how it differs from other platforms, and how it will benefit your organization.