SMS Terms & Conditions

Effective: November 15, 2020

These SMS Terms and Conditions set forth more detail about BadgeCert Inc., (‘BadgeCert”), a text messaging communications company, text message communications with you on behalf of BadgeCert’s client, a digital badge issuer (certification or training company, enterprise gamification program, or human resources department), with whom you have contacted separately by phone or text message and consented to receive text messaging notifications of digital badge issuance and expiration events, gamification updates, or transactional communication messages to which you may respond with text messages (the “Text interactivity services”).   If you did not contact the digital badge issuing organization and did not request a text message, reply STOP to and contact us.

In order to improve your digital badge experience, you have consented to the receipt of a short message service (“SMS”) text message to which you may reply by submitting a text message.  You will only receive a message related to the digital badge issuing organization for which you consented.

You can subscribe with the issuing organization and in the future, you will be able to submit keywords and phrases by replying to the text message.  Text messages will come from the short code 22343, 511511, or a 10-digit number.  You will receive up to 5 text messages annually for any digital badge and up to 1 message per week maximum for communications with the digital badge issuing organization.

At no time will BadgeCert send you text messages that include any advertisements, marketing or any other matters not related to the background check that we are conducting.  For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy at

Please be aware that message and data rates may apply from your mobile carrier. BadgeCert does not have any control over these rates, nor does it have control as to any other obligations you may have to your mobile carrier in connection with your text messaging service. By opting in to receive messages from BadgeCert and your issuing organization, you are accepting any such charges from your mobile carrier.  BadgeCert does not control how these fees are charged to or collected from you.  Mobile carriers and BadgeCert are not liable for delayed or undelivered text or multimedia messages.

BadgeCert reserves the right to terminate the text messaging program, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. The information in any message may be subject to certain time lags and/or delays. BadgeCert does not guarantee that text messaging is available across all carriers, and is not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

You may text “HELP” for any assistance in response to the latest text you received.  The HELP message will confirm the aforementioned information and provide support information,, or your issuing organization.   BadgeCert will answer any of your service or other related questions that you may have.

To stop receiving text messages, text STOP, STOP ALL, END, QUIT, CANCEL or UNSUBSCRIBE to the number from which you received the last text message.   Our preference is that you simply text “STOP”, should you not wish to receive additional messages.  By submitting STOP to the number, you will receive a reply text message confirmation.

For Customer Service, or call 224-241-2378.



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